Scheduled talks

NESCI (Network for Statistical and Causal Inference), IMT Lucca (IT) - July 2024 

EAPS (European Associaton for Population Studies), Edinburgh (UK) - June 2024 (Poster session)

Workshop on the social sciences of pandemics, Prague (CZ) - May 2024

Datini Institute for Economic History - ESTER Advanced Seminar 2024, Prato (IT) - May 2024

Conferences and workshops

PAA (Population Association of America), Columbus Ohio (USA) - April 2024 (Poster session)

EEA (European Economic Association), Barcelona (SP) - August 2023

ESEM (Econometric Society European Meeting), Barcelona (SP) - August 2023

BSE summer forum "Policy Evaluation in Health", Barcelona (SP) - June 2023

FRESH (Frontier Research in Economic and Social History meeting), Cologne (DE) - May 2023 

ASREC (Association for the Study of Religion, Economics and Culture) conference, Harvard University (US) - March 2023

NSEF PhD and Postdoc Workshop, Università di Napoli Federico II (IT) - September 2022

EuHEA (European Health Economic Association) PhD Conference, Galway (IE) - August 2022

Shifting Landscapes conference, LSE Department of Geography and Environment, London (UK) - June 2022

Workshop in Quantitative Political Economy, King's College London,  (UK) - May 2022

SMYE 2022 (Spring Meeting of Young Economists), University of Orleans (FR) - May 2022

23rd IZA Summer School in Labor Economics, Buch am Ammersee (DE) - May 2022

London School of Economics Graduate Economic History Seminar - February 2022 (online)

Invited talks

Nudge Day, ARS Toscana, Florence (IT) - November 2023

Merck Investigator Studies Program Talk, Stockholm (SWE) - November 2023 (online)

Tilburg University (Development Economics and Economic History Research Group) - October 2023 (online)

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Rome (IT) - June 2023

Ph.D. Seminar, University College London - January 2023

Political Economy Brownbag seminar, King's College London - December 2022 

University of Florence, DISEI Departmental Seminar, Florence (Italy) - April 2022