Spring 2024, Bocconi University

 The Sociology and Economics of Religion

Guest lecturer in Prof. Nicoletta Balbo's undergraduate Sociology course

Fall 2022, University of Florence

 An introduction to Randomized Controlled Trials in Economics


Lecturer. Short introductory course aimed at graduate students, attended also by some faculty members

Fall 2021, European University Institute

 An introduction to Bayesian causal inference


Guest lecturer in Prof. Fabrizia Mealli's PhD Causal Inference course

2015, ITCG Nervi, Rignano Flaminio, Rome (high school)

 Public Economics

Lecturer. 10 hours advanced course in English aimed at high school students

Teaching assistant, tutoring and supervision


 Private tutoring in econometrics and statistics 


I have been tutoring bachelor and master students in econometrics and statistics, to prepare exams and assignments, and in developing their thesis 

Fall 2023, European University Institute

 Economic history

Teaching Assistant for Felix Schaff


Bachelor thesis tutor (University of Florence)


Guidance and supervision on one Bachelor thesis in health economics, during my time as a Reseach Fellow at the University of Florence

Fall 2021, European University Institute

 The Econometrics of Causality 


Teaching Assistant for Prof. Fabrizia Mealli      

Spring and Fall 2021, Florence School of Banking and Finance

 Panel Data for Banking Sector Analysts


Teaching Assistant for Prof. Jeffrey Wooldridge     

Fall 2020, European University Institute

 The Statistics of Causal Inference


Teaching Assistant for Prof. Andrea Ichino